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BODY & BREATH with Lauren Taus

Join Lauren Taus, a beyond amazing yoga master and all around inspired being, and I, for an evening of true inner + inter connection with an incredible group of humans. 

You will be skillfully led through an experience that will activate both your BODY & BREATH in ways that will allow you to effortlessly quiet your mind and drop into a state of true transcendence + connection that lasts and lasts.

The ride will begin with an overview of the game changing practice of using our breath to shift our state, combined with exercises that facilitate authentic connection. 

We will then dive deep into a dynamic asana practice led by Lauren that will deliciously get you into your body, open your energy channels and get you fearlessly flowing,  paving the way for a truly out of this world BlissPoint BreathWork journey led by Lisa. BlissPoint weaves a simple 2 part breath sequence with exquisitely curated tracks + sound frequencies that amplify your intentions and take your practice to the next level.

The evening will conclude with time to integrate, share and connect over Four Sigmatic mushroom elixirs and yummy snacks.

Come and get it - the new saturday night. True human connection + amazing music + getting high with no comedown. Seriously. Yes please!

Tickets are $125 or grab our pre-sale tix at $100 until 03.29.18

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